28 juin 2011

One hour

In one hour the final exam begins.. the AM FREE yay! lol.... 

27 juin 2011


701 people visited this blog thanks everyone and you are always welcome ^__^

Introducing facebook to a friend/rival

Today I introduce  IGS to FunGoSage(Fungosage.net), it was realy funny cuz he had a hard time I guess that's why IGS lost popularity  even though the server level is good 

23 juin 2011

BIBA: Best Move - 1

BIBA: Best Move - 1: "Blackie has to find brilliant moves from pro games in every second week for a newspaper. I will add these games and his comments from now o..."

22 juin 2011

School training!

This past week I have been in france and studying very hard for my exams that are in 6 days wish me luck ;) after will be only training for something I love: GO :) BERTRAND12 account will activate soon and reach the top fast! ^_^