17 nov. 2010

Korea here i comme

i am going to korea!!! i will return as a 9d! than just got to pass the professional test ;) "just"

12 nov. 2010

How i Learned go

i learned 70% of my go by KGS and IGS... and My master Li Ang but i also learned go by a 3d in India and thanks to hikaru no go!

I came here to become strong!

i was invited to be part of a study groupe of only top players 6d to 8d around hope i do ok this will give it all my best anyway!

17 oct. 2010

Chinese Go Federation

Every week i got to go to the chinese go federation Center and play some strong kids while my master was teaching others . They were soo much younger but so much stronger but my master told me their weak points was fighting strength because even i had chances against them but because of the difference in reading they could easily slide by me without contact i was too slow..... like a very fat man except in go.
There I also met another European who had come to study go in china for a year, he is Norwegian , he had brought back cheese for my master ^_^ some of the cheese wasn't eaten since there wasn't a fridge at my master's house and Chinese weather is pretty hot!

Training at my master's house

Ang li is an amazing teacher and his father as well its very scary to play him in the end its always a life and death situation which decides the game it was tough but i started being the killer in the end of my china training

Tournement In china :
Thnx to my master I
was able to participate
in the Beijing Youth Championship
my score was =3wins 7loss
This ends my Journey trip
to china . My training was a sucess
I improved alot more than i expected.
Thank you Ang li for your kindness
accepting me in your family
and showing me what real Go is.

8 oct. 2010

my experience in china, a magazine

A magazine accepted to put me in an article to help me find some sponsors
youl need to zoom in to see it proparly

7 oct. 2010

today I have Officialy opened this blog for everyone to see