14 juil. 2011

Shortest game I ever played(lol)

I won a game in 20moves because he ended up in a tsumego position was intresting  in the corner.....
Also i had a free game+review with Juyeon ko 8p, she is a really nice personne and she gave me few names for good go schools in korea

Beast mode

Am in beast mode.. not in peace mode.. i keep playing out realy dangerous moves... lucky for me working so i got a 4wins in a row streak, though that last game I should've lost but.... got a lucky mistake from opponent

8 juil. 2011

Issa Dioume

a pretty cool article about me was made by a friend XD lol
seems abit too much but oh well thanks still Florian

here is the link

7 juil. 2011


Alot of things happening in my personnal life so am kinda depressed these days.. I just need to know what to do now i think

4 juil. 2011

EGC training

My egc training:5hours per day(if not going out with friends i haven't seen since long)
-Tesuji: 50 per day
Tsumego:20 per day
Fuseki: master one in two days

3 juil. 2011


A club in france where I went to for one year and improved alot also learned alot if you live in france and your looking for a club this is the best place to go to