27 août 2011


The 25th september, Issa Dioume(me) will be landing in korea,and will go to study Baduk at Blackie's international Go Academy,1 month left about, all I have to do now is prepare(taking korean lessons) and Train.
These days it's harder to study because of all the things i have to do, but i will try to do it and the best i can

13 août 2011

Good site

http://gogameguru.com/, a good site to see news, dowload pro games and review them some are even already reviewed by a 8d proffesional, no other site gives you pictures, reviews,let's you download,  haven't seen any other there are others but they are behind on schedule so we can't really say it's the same


Am taking up chinese and korean lessons also speciale math lessons, am going to korea 3month coming back to india  3 weeks then going back 9months, Am also taking 3d lessons to change the site's look I will make a 3d character playing a game as the back ground, looking for ideas of how he looks and his design, if you have ideas please send them at idioume@gmail.com my email adresse

8 août 2011

Thanks to EGC!

I feel even more like studying harder, it's like my passion for this game deepened... and became even more  intense

7 août 2011

hey been a while dudes nd gurls

Results from The EGC(european Go Congresse) 5-5 out of 10..  kinda bad..  played bad and had one forfeit.. also sat at the wrong table once lol so got two kinda.... it's sad :'( Damien popote 1d a friend of mine on the other hand did great future of french go looks great, or Benjamin Chetioui 2d both want to be pros like me and are truely talented wish them both a great lots of luck :)