15 juin 2012

Facebook Group: Go Life Over 1000 members!!

                                                        1,000 Members !!!!!     

We finally reached 1000 members in the Go Life group on  facebook, their are many people commenting games, sharing go videos,sharing news on the go world EVERY DAY! It's great to have so many go players grouped together
recently i even added two youtube go teacher so that they could share there lessons on the groups page.

10 juin 2012

Korean Baduk Masters Championship

                                              Nice video, Kang Dongyun VS Baek Hongsuk          
                              Subscribe to my youtube channel for more Go videos                                     

5 juin 2012

The 1st AGA-TygemGo Pro Online Prelim

    Everyone can now sign up(Click the title)   
    The finalists will go compete in North Carolina, and will each receive 500$ and another 3000$ prize will be distributed.The players stronger than 6d get to skip the first round and meet up in round two with the survivors!!

    I think this tournament is going to be "marked down" in go history, 
    it would be a shame to miss it.

New me,today

 I am back after a long break , I was in South Korea studying at BIBA(Blackie's International Baduk
I spent 9 months there studying Go/Baduk/Weiqi around 7 to 8hours per day.
I didn't improve as much as i wanted to but still not so bad.

                                  " From now on I will try working very hard to promote go around the world"
My facebook group:Go life; now has almost 1000 followers and keeps going up every day, i hope that some day all the go players will be able to share information and discuss Go news there.

"I will keep studying hard and become much stronger"
I was pretty depressed because i lost a friend from india while I was in korea , so i had a hard time 
keeping focus. But from now on, I will try harder and keep improving everyday my go style, and myself.


Go USA,AGA Pro system documentary

          "Go is on the rise in the United States and around the world"            

Here we have great news for the AGA, finally they will be having a Pro system !!!!
Check my facebook group: Go Life or the official site for this video : 

Issa: I just can't wait for Europe to make their own pro system , now!
I am sure every strong american go player is practicing alot right now to become one of the two future american pros!
This is very good news for the Western go  community, I hope to hear more soon from the AGA 
Until then, americans keep practicing! 

14 mars 2012

Blackie interview

blackie getting interviewed for BC card cup
started rapping in between for some reason haha

5 févr. 2012

Online Sales

Going to start making t-shirts to sell them online with a friend it's of course to make pocket money and if the thing works well he might be able to save up enough to come to korea

28 janv. 2012

missed Korondo 9d's Bday

                                             picture with Won seogjin winner of the 16th samsung cup

Korondo 9d (kim youngsam) was born on the 27th  i was supposed to be back on the 26th right for his birthday but i have problems with visa so have to wait till 2nd

13 janv. 2012

Kaya.gs the future of Internet Baduk


Patricio and Gabriel are web developers trying to raise funds to create Kaya.gs,Social Go Server; a place where Go players can enjoy the game and the community can participate actively in spreading Go.
Gabriel Benmergui is a 6-Dan level player with over 9 years of experience in the game. Kaya.gs is born from his desire to make Go more accesible and popular and to make it much better and easier for players to share their experiences and knowledge.

1 janv. 2012

Back in India

I came back in india for 2weeks because i could not make the 1year visa in korea sadly :(
anyway the results are showing from 3d to 5d on kgs in 3 month i think it's pretty decent for me :)
hope I can keep improving at this speed and reach 9d at the end of the year :D

THANK  you BIBA for these 3months