5 juin 2012

New me,today

 I am back after a long break , I was in South Korea studying at BIBA(Blackie's International Baduk
I spent 9 months there studying Go/Baduk/Weiqi around 7 to 8hours per day.
I didn't improve as much as i wanted to but still not so bad.

                                  " From now on I will try working very hard to promote go around the world"
My facebook group:Go life; now has almost 1000 followers and keeps going up every day, i hope that some day all the go players will be able to share information and discuss Go news there.

"I will keep studying hard and become much stronger"
I was pretty depressed because i lost a friend from india while I was in korea , so i had a hard time 
keeping focus. But from now on, I will try harder and keep improving everyday my go style, and myself.


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