10 avr. 2011

WAGC india!!!

none other than issa himself .... I will play my best in the WAGC starting my training!


I might represent India in the WAGC 2011 hehe strongest India representante until now....


He is my master, He is a 3dan professionelle, He trained over 200 students already ,he is still quite young 29,He trained Zhou 5p the number one in china now , He is an incredible teacher, He became pro at age 16 , He is the Go master i respect the most..

5 avr. 2011

Lightening training

Speed go is good for reading? I will try one week of only that and check the results

teacher change

NEW TEACHER: 2pMandy on kgs i am studying with her one month doing a special programme i hope i can improve well but she is very busy with other real life players...But probably will go back to Lyonweiqi[3p] soon